Building The New Economy

Dr Anne Poelina : Building the new economy: Actionism, enterprise and social and Economic Change


I will be presenting on the following:

Today's economy is built on the foundation of global industrial and financial systems with immense productive capacity, but the extractive nature of this has created extreme income disparity and social injustice and wrought devastation on people, communities and nature.

1. The New Economy must be grounded in Climate Reality and the need to transition from Fossil Fuel and the destruction of people and communities and their connection to maintain the sovereignty of our Australian nations,  land, water, food security.

2. Promote the reality thatAustralian Aboriginal peoples are the traditional custodians of Australian land, water and biodiversity and continue to manage these natural and cultural assets from the beginning of time into modernity.  

3. Much of the development coming into the region promotes external and multi-national interest and does not provide the opportunity for Free Prior and Informed Consent necessary for a social licence for large scale industrial projects. To this end there is limited opportunity to demonstrate the social, cultural and environmental impacts on people, communities, land, water and food security.  Bio-regional investment and planning is nonexistent in the Kimberley especially in reference to investment into the current and future projects promoting Northern Development White Paper and Strategies and Trans Pacific Partnership Treaty!

4. We need to advocate for a regional approach to development (collective wisdom) which includes traditional ecological knowledge, western science and industry partnerships to build "forever" industries. We need to identify and manage existing cultural, environmental and human assets and showcase these to the world.

5. Summary: Our (Nyikina) people have an intergenerational relationship with nature and non-human beings and have existing Indigenous and human rights to development. Weare collaborating with regional, national and international partners to research, plan and develop and protect our land, water and food security and we are exploring science, culture, heritage and environmental assets to build culture and conservation economies on kandri/country. We are looking for partnerships and investment to demonstrate an international climate mitigation for sustainable livelihoods, as a model to save the planet and humanity!


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