NRM Funding Success

State Natural and Resource Management Partnership with Madjulla Inc. V & C Semeniuk Research Group and Walalakoo Native Title Body Corporate

Dr Anne Poelina Managing Director of Madjulla Inc in partnership with V & C Semeniuk Research Group were successful in acquiring the State NRM Funding to support the collaboration with the Nyikina Mangala Walalakoo (Native Title) Body Corporate (WBC) proposal to develop a Natural and Cultural Heritage Precinct for Education and Tourism. 

The Kimberley region, listed on the National Heritage List, is located within the Rangelands NRM as a priority region and high value asset. The area is one of the last great wilderness areas of the World. The Nyikina Mangala Native title area covers more than 26,000 sq. km, extending from the mouth of the King Sound below Derby, along the Fitzroy Valley to Noonkanbah and south into the Great Sandy Desert. However, it has been identified that there is a gap in environmental information in this region. Therefore, to evaluate the opportunities and constraints of developing the Natural Heritage and Cultural Heritage Precinct, and obtain information on where to locate trails and infrastructure, as well as maintaining the values of the region by managingmajor environmental threats such as fire, weeds, surface run off and feral animals, there is an urgent need to undertake environmental baseline studies, incorporating Western Science and Indigenous knowledge.

This grant is an important first step in developing a baseline study to describe the cultural, archaeological, and natural values of the Fitzroy River Valley Native Title area. This approach will lead to both science-based planning and management and the capacity to maintain the high values of the site both for their inherent and cultural values and to the development of sustainable Indigenous enterprise opportunities. 

Community members will be targeted for a pathway in land and water management and biodiversity restoration and conservation to manage the inherent Natural and Cultural Heritage Precinct located on this globally unique river country.