Coal and Seam Gas Information

This is a list of organisations that provide information about mining, water governance and integrated water management.


The online activist group GetUp has created an interactive mapshowing all the coal seam gas reserves and mining wells across the country.

Check it out at

Conservation Council of W.A.
Coal and uranium mining in the Kimberley
While many know about the gas hub proposed north of Broome there are plans for equally damaging coal and uranium mines inland. (PERTH)
Anti-coal protesters have ramped up their campaign against an underground coal mine near Margaret River, launching a series of print and television advertisements.
There has been strong community opposition to plans by LD Operations to establish the mine at Osmington.
The documentary film maker Michael Muntz is behind the ads which will run on commercial television and in newspapers throughout WA in coming weeks.

Special projects
Fitzroy surface water - groundwater interaction project, runs for 3 years and is funded by the National Water Commission. The objectives of the project are to improve our understanding of the hydrologic processes of the Fitzroy River including groundwater and surface water interactions
Conservation Council of W.A.
Personal Comments | No new coal for WA
The Mardoowarra-Fitzroy River is living water; it is rich with biodiversity in the water, the land, the sky and the spirit. We are Australians and we want ...
Kimberley Traditional Owner supports No New Coal campaign
Address to the No New Coal Rally on Saturday 11th December 2010
A Safe Climate is a Human Right

Rising Tide Newcastle

Mail: PO Box 290 Newcastle, 2300
Email: risingtide AT risingtide DOT org DOT au
Phone: Steve Denshire on +61 402 556 420
Across Australia, productive, environmentally sustainable farming land is under threat. In 20 years when the windfall for the state coffers has ended and the world no longer wants coal, Australia will stand condemned on the world stage for its greedy rapacious ways and environmental vandalism.
Contact Executive Officers : Stewart Even, Graeme Gibson
For more information about Lock The Gate events and initiatives go to
About Hunter-Bulga Gas Action Group
“In the interest of accuracy and accountability, Sydney Gas, its partners, contractors, employees shareholders and other associated individuals and groups are invited to comment, address or correct any of the information contained in this website and in other material disseminated via alternate means or media.”
The North East Forest Alliance is calling for an immediate moratorium on any further coal seam gas approvals in New South Wales.
Caroona Coal Action Group

Abbott cautious about floodplain mining Posted January 27, 2010 11:08:00
Federal Opposition Leader Tony Abbott says he is opposed to further mining on the Liverpool Plains until a thorough examination of the region's underground aquifers is done.
He made the comments during a tour of a soil carbon operation on a property at Spring Ridge.
Mr Abbott says he is aware of two Senate inquiries that have recommended a halt to exploration until independent water data is collected.
The Opposition Leader says the floodplain is too important as a food bowl to jeopardise its future.
DEMAND for Australia's key exports to Japan -- coal, iron ore and liquefied natural gas -- is set to rise in the wake of the massive earthquake destruction,...
The Australian 2011-03-14
Safe Climate Perth launches anti-coal campaign
Sunday, October 17, 2010
Perth presentation of over 8000 signatures against new coal

Six Degrees is a campaign of Friends of the Earth Brisbane. We work with communities and groups to reduce Queensland's dependence on coal , and to ensure a

... including:
What happens when a energy company plans to mine your property?  And
You need to know your legal rights: (XSTRATA)
Environmental Management System

ComprehEnsive cover of various events and campaigns
Replace Hazelwood
9 Dec 2010 ... Hazelwood is Australia's dirtiest power station. We're calling on the ... Moving forward: the campaign to Replace Hazelwood rolls on ... - Cached - Similar

Hazelwood - the dirtiest power station in the world? -- WWF-Australia
In many ways Australia can be regarded as a modern country that plays a leading role among industrialised nations. Not when it comes to electricity ... - Cached - Similar
Hazelwood talks stop 12 May 2011
BY NIKITA VAZ A decision by the State Government to discontinue negotiations on the Brumby Government's proposed early closure of two units of Hazelwood ...
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