Singing Not Crying

Grace Mulligan (2017)  Story of Mijirrikan – Two Snakes Dreaming – Creation of the Fitzroy River .

Grace Mulligan (2017) Story of Mijirrikan – Two Snakes Dreaming – Creation of the Fitzroy River.

‘Singing Not Crying’ – from the Mardoowarra–Fitzroy River of Life!

By Dr Anne Poelina

I am Yoongoorrookoo, Rainbow Serpent singing.
Travelling high up in the sky and down through rivers, land and sea. I hear the humans crying now, how woeful their cries continue to be! What is happening in our nation state, our nation home, our country. I see below me ... floods and fires crisscross this torched country. Then the floods, then the drought, then more heat.
Aboriginal leadership and water governance missing in action.
Buried within – systemic racism, structural violence.
Hidden at all levels of governance and bureaucracy.
Wake up I say, you human beings wake up and hear me belly crawl.

Wake up maybe ... one last time and listen to Bruce Pascoe’s call.
There is a wisdom here heavily rooted intrinsically between Aboriginal nations.
Their land, living waters, sea and the sky.
Aboriginal voice muted in the management and protection of our rivers.
Cry out ‘we need to be recognised’.
Defrauded, dis-eased into staying quiet.
Now through their mourning awakening others to their calling.
Recognised, reconciled, healing, transformation in order to fully adopt a united Australian nation. Australia taken by theft from these ancient nations.
It’s time to pause and take a deeper breath.

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Kakadu Man


I feel it is a story for our beautiful boab tree families.  Some of the special ones have vibrational energy of healing… this picture the boab nuts are heart shaped!

A beautiful poem by an amazing elder

Bill Neidjie (1989)

Kakadu Man

I love it tree because e love me too.

E watching me same as you

Tree e working with your body, my body,

E working with us.

While you sleep e working.

Daylight, when you walking around e work too.

That tree, grass…..that all like our Father.

Dirt, earth, I sleep with this earth.

Grass…..just like your Brother.

In my blood in my arm this grass.

This dirt for us because we’ll be dead,

Well be going this earth.


This the story now.