A New Home

Madjulla Inc. now has a new home!

In early August, 2015 Alexander Hayes approached Dr. Anne Poelina and Ian Perdrisat offering to build a dynamic web presence. This contribution is to ensure the important work and achievements of the Nyikina community are made accessible via the world wide web.

This website will now enable Madjulla Inc to facilitate crowd funding via internet connections, engage people from all over the world in understanding everything with this organisation including news, media releases, resources and daily activities.

New logos, banners and web compliant mobile enabled features will soon be released via this location. It will be a live build and open for all to see the development of this important online resource.

There will also be an online store to sell products and merchandise through, a projects page, high resolution photos galleries, video resources and a podcast page for visitors. To learn more about these initiatives please contact Anne Poelina or Ian Peridsat for more details.

Old Madjulla Inc. website - screenshot