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–da suf x. also: –ja. verbal suf x: past habitual. Marloo walalinada warli mangarriy. He never ate any food. [Stokes 1982:303] Morph: marloo wa-la-li-na-da “Habit” su xing indicates that something happens regularly or else continues over a period of time. e form of the habit su x depends on the time to which it applies.

dab verb-coverb. catch, grab. Dab walandi. Grab it/him! [J. Wabi 2009, 2014] Morph: dab wal-andi. birr: -andi-.

dabaldabal verb-coverb. splash. Ooba baba dabaldabalngkay yingan wilan. The child is splashing around in the water. [J. Wabi 2010] Morph: ooba baba dabaldabal-ngkay yi-nga-n wila-n. birr: -nga-.

daboo nominal. big hole, deep hole in the ground. Dakoorrb yindin daban. He fell into the hole. [J. Wabi 2009] Morph: dakoorrb yin-di-n dab-an.

daboo daboo nominal. rough (e.g. road).

dada nominal. round coolamon, type of wooden dish. 

dadakoo nominal. non- esh food from bilawarl or kardkoo. See: bilawarl.


daj verb-coverb. call name. Usage: Upper Nyikina. birr: -kalbara-.

daja daja nominal. burning brightly.


dajirr verb-coverb. kick repeatedly. Marloo dajirr minarri ngayoo. Don’t kick me.
[J. Wabi 2010] Morph: marloo dajirr min-a-rr-i ngayoo. Dajirr wali jirirr! Kick the ball! [J. Wabi 2014] Morph: dajirr wal-i jirirr. birr: -i-.


dakoodal nominal. bird with a yellow body, nightjar.


dakoola nominal. shallow hole (e.g. creek bed).


dakoorrb verb-coverb. fall into hole, throw into ori ce. Dakoorrb yindiny daban. He fell into the hole. [J. Wabi 2009] Morph: dakoorrb yin-di-ny daban. birr: -di-.


dalab verb-coverb. fail to catch animal or object. Dalab yinandin barniy. He couldn’t catch the goanna. [J. Wabi 2012] Morph: dalab yin-andi-n barniy. birr: -andi-


dalaw1 also: dalawoo. nominal. axe.


dalaw2 verb-coverb. chop. Joongkoo dalaw yin. S/he is cutting the rewood. [J. Wabi 2009] Morph: joongkoo dalaw y-i-n. birr: -i-.

dalawkoorroo nominal. tomahawk, axe.


daldal verb-coverb. make noise with clapping sticks. Daldal yingan karnbakngany. He is playing the clapping sticks. [J. Wabi 2009] Morph: daldal-yi-nga-n karnbak-ngany. birr: -nga-.


dalij verb-coverb. announce name. Usage: Not recognised by language workers in 2009.


dalk verb-coverb. become cracked or split. Dalk yimany. It cracked (e.g. a cup). [J. Wabi 2009] Morph: dalk yi-ma-ny. birr: -ma-2. daloorr nominal. venerable.

dalyarr verb-coverb. slip. Dalyarr yina. Yinjalkina jimbin. Yoorr yimana. He slipped. He fell in. He sank. [Madjulla Inc. 2009b.] Morph: dalyarr y-i-na. yin-jalkin-na jimbin. Yoorr yi-ma-na. birr: -i-.

daman nominal. fighting group, army.

dambal nominal. stone, usually smallish river stone.

dambalkoordany nominal. description of any place that has a lot of river stones.


dankaba nominal. kind of fish-eating crane.

dang also: dangdang. verb-coverb. click tongue, talk too much. Dangdang yindin yibara. She is always talking too much. [A. Milgin 2002] Morph: dangdang yin-di-n yibara. birr: -di-.


dangdang See: dang


dangkarra verb-coverb. sit holding bent knees. Dangkarra yingan. S/he is sitting holding her/his knees. [J. Wabi 2012] Morph: dangkarra yi-nga-n. birr: -nga-.


dangkay verb-coverb. fall over, drop, collapse. Dangkay yindiny. S/he collapsed. [J. Wabi 2009] Morph: dangkay yin-di-ny. birr: -di-


dangkoo nominal. chin.


danyji nominal. hard, rm. danyji wila ice.


dardoo dardoo nominal. curly (hair).


darlanbooroo nominal. having no shame. Darlanbooroo yiman. S/he has no shame. [J. Wabi 2009] Morph: darlanbooroo yi-ma-n.


darlkoorr darlkoorr nominal. curly (hair), distorted (body).


darloo nominal. shame.

darrb adverb. forever, thinking back.

–darri suf x. side. See: –rarri.


darriyal nominal. Calyptorhynchus macrorhynchus. red-tailed black cockatoo.

darrool verb-coverb. break. Darool yindiny baloo. S/he broke the stick. [J. Wabi 2009]  Morph: darrool yin-di-ny baloo. birr: -di-. darroor adverb. straight off, said bluntly.


daw also: dawoo. nominal. be flowering. 


–di– verb-birr1. also: –i–. do, say. Bab ngandin nilawal jiya. I forget your name. [J. Wabi 2009] Morph: bab ngan-di-n nilawal jiya. Babanil jingkidingkaya yirrdin. The children are playing around. [J. Wabi 2009] Morph: baba-nil jingkidi-ngkaya yi-rr-di-n. Wambani koong yin wila. The man is drinking the water. [J. Wabi 2009] Morph: wamba-ni koong y-i-n wila.


diba nominal. erect penis.


dibiny nominal. rib, ribbed.


dibinybooroo nominal. scrub country.


diboo nominal. kind of chicken hawk.


did verb-coverb. stuck. Warli did yin yinyjina kangkilkan. The meat is stuck in his throat. [J. Wabi 2009] Morph: warli did y-i-n yinyjina kangkirl-kan. birr: -di-.


dididi verb-coverb. wring. Dididi yinbarriny kangkil. S/he wrung its neck. [J. Wabi 2009] Morph: dididi yin-barri-ny kangkil. birr: -barri-.


didirrb verb-coverb. miss, fail to hit with weapon or stone. Didirrb yinbarriny. S/he missed it. [J. Wabi 2009] Morph: didirrb yin-barri-ny. birr: -barri-


dijbal verb-coverb. pound, smash.


dikij verb-coverb. nudge, nibble line ( sh). Yimany wirliwirlibarri laj yiny yinyjina wirliwirli. Dikij yinminyjina wirliwirli baroolooni. S/he threw in a fishing line. The cat fish nibbled at the line. [J. Wabi 2010] Morph: yi-ma-ny wiliwili-barri laj y-i-ny yinyjina wirliwirli. dikij yin-mi-ny-jina wirliwirli barooloo-ni. birr: -mi-.


dilaj verb-coverb. refuse. Dilaj yindinjanoo. S/he doesn’t want to go with me. [J. Wabi 2009] Morph: dilaj yin-di-n-janoo. birr: -di-.


dilarr nominal. shell of egg or shell fish.


dilbi nominal. kidney.


dily verb-coverb. spark. Dily yimany. It made a spark. [j. Wabi 2009] Morph: dily yi-ma-ny. birr: -ma-2


dingkalak verb-coverb. have an erection.


diny verb-coverb. make a cracking noise. Diny yindin. It crackled. [J. Wabi 2010] Morph: diny yin-di-n. birr: -di-.


dir nominal. opaque, white.

dir verb-coverb. crack, chip.

dirradirra verb-coverb. roll. Bakidi dirradirra yimany. The billycan rolled around. [J. Wabi

2009] Morph: bakidi dirradirra yi-ma-ny. birr: -ma-2.


dirrim verb-coverb. announce one’s presence by making a small noise. Marninni dirrim yindinyjanoo. The woman made a slight noise to let me know she was there. [J. Wabi 2009] Morph: marnin-ni dirrim yin-di-ny-janoo. birr: -di-.


dirrin dirrin adverb. right through the chest. 


dirrk verb-coverb. make a mark, decorate, inscribe. Dirrk yinalkan malbooloo. She is decorating the coolamon. [J. Wabi 2009] Morph: dirrk yin-alka-n malbooloo. birr: -alka-.


diya nominal. club. Usage: Upper Nyikina.

diyadiya nominal. 1 • far-distant place (may be a mythical place). 2 • mudlark, magpie lark, peewee. Grallina cyanoleuca.


doob nominal. colour white.


doobaj verb-coverb. pull out. Doobaj yinkany barniy dookaboo. S/he pulled the goanna out of the hole. [J. Wabi 2009] Morph: doobaj yin-ka-ny barniy dook-aboobirr: -ka-.


doobdoob nominal. spots, rash.

doodoodoo nominal. a spring near Mt Wynne


doojoob verb-coverb. return defiantly following anti-social act. Jeanni Wabi explained  that this word is to do with a man returning to face up to a husband he has wronged by paying inappropriate attention to his wife. The second man is
doojoob to the husband and must pay amends, which could mean engaging in physical combat (a fight). Doojoob yinjina wanyjarri wamba. He is doojoob toone man. [J. Wabi 2009] Morph: doojoob y-i-n-jina wanyjarri wamba. birr: -i-.


dook verb-coverb. peel (skin), cut bark from a tree, exfoliate. 1 • peel. Kinya baloo dook yarrabarrinyjina karnangoorroo. Yangarramaji warli barooloo. We took the bark from the tree. We will put the cat fish in it. [J. Wabi 2009] Morph: kinya baloo dook ya-rr-a-barri-ny-jina karnoongoorroo. yang-a-rr-a-ma-ji warli barooloo. 2 • shed. Dook yimany nala. He (the snake) left his skin behind. [J. Wabi 2009] Morph: dook yi-ma-ny nala. birr: -barri-


dookoo nominal. narrow long hole. Mamboorrk yimany dookoo.The hole collapsed. Morph: mamboorrk yi-ma-ny dookoo. Doorrb yin barniy yingkadinja dookan. S/he smoked the goanna in the hole. Morph: doorrb y-i-n barniy ying-kadi-n-ja dook-an.


dookool nominal. red ochre.


dookoorr verb-coverb. swing, hang down. Dookoorr yin ngarnakarra. The flying fox is swaying (hanging down). [J. Wabi 2006] Morph: dookoorr y-i-n ngarnakarra. birr: -i-.


dool verb-coverb. split, cut with axe. Dool yinbarrin ngoomal. He cut the firewood in half. [J. Wabi 2010] Morph: dool yin-barri-n ngoomal. birr: -barri-.


–doolka– verb-birr1. indicate, state. Yindoolkany: kamirri marnin yimboolan. He told them, “that woman is coming”. [J. Wabi 2009] Morph: yin-doolka-ny kamirri marnin yim-boola-n.

doolkarr verb-coverb. bolt, run ahead.

doolook verb-coverb. tip, pour. Doolook yinman wila. She is pouring the water. [J. Wabi 2009] Morph: doolook yin-ma-n wila. birr: -ma-1.


dooly verb-coverb. squeeze, express (breast milk). Dooly yinmin mangarriy. S/he is squeezing the food (e.g. an orange). [J. Wabi 2009] Morph: dooly yin-mi-n mangarriy. birr: -mi-.


doomarra verb-coverb. fly away. Koorrarka doomarra yindiny kalboona. The brolga took off upwards. [A. Milgin 2002] Morph: koorrarka doomarra yin-di-ny kalboona. One consultant says this is really ‘tomorrow’ (English word) and does not recognise stated meaning. birr: -di-


doomoo nominal. blunt.


door verb-coverb. 1 • beat thighs. Door yin nooloo. She is keeping time for a corroboree song. [J. Wabi 2009] Morph: door y-i-n nooloo. Doorngkaya ngangan nooloo. I am beating time for corroboree. [J. Wabi 2009] Morph: door-ngkaya nga-nga-n nooloo. 2 • fart. birr: -i-; -nga-


doorjaj verb-coverb. limp (joint-caused). Not recognised by language consultant in 2006.


doorook doorook nominal. lumpy.


doorlboo nominal. heart.


doorlkoorroo nominal. gun. Lit: round thing - probably referring to the shape of the barrel.


doorloo nominal. round.


doorn nominal. heavy.


doorr verb-coverb. roar. Doorr yindin koodijikoorroo. The car is making a roaring sound. [A. Milgin 2006] Morph: doorr yin-di-n koodiji-kooroo. birr: -di-.


doorrb verb-coverb. smoke out something. Doorrb yin barniy yingkadinyja dookan. She is smoking the goanna out of the hole. [J. Wabi 2009] Morph: doorrb y-i-n barniy ying-kadi-ny-ja dook-an. birr: -kadi-.


doorrba nominal. cheeky.

doorrboo nominal. cavern, big hole underground. doorrjaw verb-coverb. splash, slap water.


doowiy also: dooy. nominal. haze, smoke, dust cloud. Kinyani doowiyni yinkan wangka bardoo wangka yika. Dust carries germs. [Milgin 2003] Morph: kinya-ni doowiy-ni yin-ka-n wangka bardoo wangka yika