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-ba- verb-birr, see, sense. Nganban joowa. I see you. (M. Riley 2009) Morph: ngan-ba-n joowa. Walaba ngayoo! Look at me! (M. Riley 2009) Morph: wa-la-ba ngayoo. Walaba! Look! (M. Riley 2009) Morph: wa-la-ba. Yirrababanayina kooya. They looked and looked for their mother. (Madjulla Inc. 2009a.) Morph: yi-rr-a-ba-ba-na yina kooya.

bab verb-coverb. forget. Bab yindiny. He forgot.(J. Wabi 2006) Morph: bab yin-di-ny. Bab ngandin nilawal jiya. I forget your name. (J. Wabi 2009) Morph: bab ngan-di-n nilawal jiya. Bab-yirrinymirri. Those two forgot. (J. Wabi 2006) Morph: bab yirr-i-ny mirri. birr; -di-

baba nominal. someone's child. Bookarrarra warrambakarra jawoo yina ngalyaka nyangana babanilbarri. Long ago in the great flood the blue tongue lizard swan there with her children on her back. (Madjulla Inc 2009a.) Morph: bookarrarra warramba-karra jawoo y-i-na ngalya(k)-ka nya-nga-na baba-nil-barri. The term 'baba' can carry on through a person's life especially if they are the youngest in the family or the only child. A mother may call her child 'baba' regardless of age.

babalyarrkajina nominal. flank.

baboorr nominal. wound. This word can mean 'wound' or 'scar'. In Nyikina thinking once the wound is made it retains it's identity even after it has healed and leaves a scar. There is no need for two different words in Nyikina.

bada [1] nominal. successive. Ngankoo bada, walyja bada, biyalbiyal bada...sharks, barramundi, stingrays et. (Madjulla Inc 2009)b.

bada [2] question. question tag. Maboo bada nyingan? Are you well? (J. Wabi 2006)

badabada verb-coverb. stagger. Badabada yirrmanmirri koojarra marnin. the two women are staggering along. (Dictionary team 2007) Morph: badabada yirr-ma-n-mirri koojarra marnin. birr: -ma-

badan verb-coverb. [1] put close up against. Badan minminyngayoo. Come close to me. [D. Loongkoonan 2006] Morph: badan min-mi-ny-ngayoo. birr: -mi-. [2] lean (on something). Badan yingan wamba. She is leaning on the man. [J. Wabi 2006] Morph: badan yi-nga-n wamba. birr: -nga-. 

–badiki– verb-birr [2] become full (impersonal). Usage: This verb was not in use in 2000. 

badjarri See: barrjarri. 

baj verb-coverb. [1] slice. Baj wali warli. Slice the meat. [J. Wabi 2009] Morph: baj wal-i warli. [2] skin. Baj wali warli. Skin the animal. [J. Wabi 2009] Morph: baj wal-i warli. birr: -i-. 

bajajarr nominal. hole. Hole where animal lives e.g. goanna hole in the river country. Not man-made. 

bajalbarra nominal. eel. 

bajanyoodany nominal. Camballin area. 

bakarr verb-coverb. impale. Bakarr yingan jakalaykan. Stick it in the mud (and leave it). [L. Marshall 2007] Morph: bakarr yi-nga-n jakalay-kan. birr: -nga-. 

bakid verb-coverb. toddle. Bakid yin ooba baba. The young child is learning to walk. [J. Wabi 2009] Morph: bakid y-i-n ooba baba. birr: -di-. 

bakidi nominal. From: English. bucket, pannikin, tin, any container. Bakidi rany yinadin. She is wiping out the bucket. [J. Wabi 2009] Morph: bakidi rany yin-andi-n. 

balabala verb-coverb. having large surface area. Balabala walama. Stretch it out. (e.g. blanket or cloth). [J. Wabi 2009] Morph: balabala wa-la-ma. birr: -ma- [1.]

–balabalaverb-birr [1.] cover.

balal nominal. revealed, open. Balal walama. Put it in the open. [J. Wabi 2009] Morph: balal wa-la-ma.

balala adverb. already, over and done with.

balangan nominal. white ghost figure with donkey-like ears. 

balanyja nominal. sandstone, large at rock. Barniy balanyjan yingan. The goanna is settled on the large at rock. [Language team 2007] Morph: barniy balanyja-n yi- nga-n. 

balara nominal. bare (head or forehead). 

balarr nominal. back view of departing person. 

balarrja verb-coverb. [1] ignore, look away. Kinya marnin balarrja yingan. That woman is looking away. [J. Wabi 2009] Morph: kinya marnin balarrja yi-nga-n. birr: -nga-. [2] turn one’s back. Balarrja yirrman wila. They (clouds) are turning back. (The rain is going.) [J. Wabi 2014] Morph: balarrja yi-rr-ma-n. birr: -ma- [2.]

balbal coverb. carry around, nurse (e.g. a baby).

balila nominal. just initiated. 

balingka nominal. young female bardkoorroo. 

baliny nominal. shiny (e.g. forehead). 

balinyjarrangoo nominal. old man emu. 

baljabalja nominal. quick. Baljabalja bawoona. Come here quickly. [Language team 2007] baljabalja-aw! Come quickly! [L. Marshall 2007] Usage: Baljabalja-aw! would be called out over a distance. 

baljirra nominal. sugar grass. You can build a bough shed with this grass and make bands for the head. It has long stems. It grows everywhere. Kids suck the sweetness from the stalks. 

balkarakara nominal. crested pigeon. 

balkarda nominal. vine usually found in ironwood tree, used for medicinal purposes. [Madjulla Inc. 2007] Balkarda is a vine that grows on trees. You can eat the fruit. It has fine spikes that grab you. If the monsoon rains go on too long, we burn balkarda; the leaves crack and there will be no more rain until next year. 

balkarr verb-coverb. fail to catch something moving. Marloo balkarr walandina. He missed it. (emu, snake, goanna etc). [J. Wabi 2010] Morph: marloo balkarr wal-andi-na. birr: -andi-. 

balkayi nominal. [1] boy about to be initiated. [2] the name of the ceremony. 

balkoo verb-coverb. roll, fold, plait. Balkoo yinman. She is rolling it up. [J. Wabi 2009] Morph: balkoo yin-ma-n. Balkoo walama! Roll it up! [J. Wabi 2009] Morph: balkoo wal-a-ma. birr: -ma- [1. ]

balma nominal. creek. 

balmajarra nominal. forked stick, forked road or river.

balnga nominal. strap. In the early days Aboriginal people did not have leather, so straps would have been made from vine or hair. [Dianne Williams 2007].

balngany nominal. thigh. Usage: Upper Nyikina.

balnganyjina nominal. thigh.

balngarrangarra verb-coverb. throw boomerang to return. Balngarrangarra yin. He is throwing the boomerang. [J. Wabi 2009] Morph: balngarrangarra yi-n. birr: -i-.

baloo nominal. tree, stick, thing. 

–baloobalooma– verb-birr [1]. blame. Yinbaloobaloomany nyardoo marnin. S/he blamed the other woman. [J. Wabi 2010] Morph: yin-baloobalooma-ny nyardoo marnin.

baloobaloonya nominal. belong in trees. In the 1970s this word was considered ‘old way’. In 2010 it was not recognised by language advisors.

baloodany nominal. water from tree.

baloomoorroo nominal. odds and ends, junk. Refers to European-type goods.

balya nominal. clothes, personal things (European style). Marloo wanyjarri balya koorrabanyjimirri. Don’t share towels. [Milgin 2003] Morph: marloo wanyjarri balya koo-rr-a-banyji-mirri.

–balya– verb-birr [1] go to join. Jana jookoodoo? Marloo, yinbalyanyjirrka babanil. Where’s the boy? He’s gone to join the children. [J. Wabi 2013] Morph: Jana jookoodoo? Marloo, yin-balya-ny-jirrka baba-nil.

balybaly nominal. at.

bambi adverb. for a long time.

bambida nominal. Amphibolurus species. A kind of lizard.

–bana– verb-birr [1] separate, see for the last time. Marninni yinbananyjirra mangarriy. The woman sorted out the food. [J. Wabi 2010] Morph: marnin-ni yin-bana-ny-jirra mangarriy.

bana question. when?

banajimbirr nominal. secret man of the hills. 

banaka nominal. name of a skin group. Nyikina society is divided into four sections or skin groups. There are rules about which skin groups we can marry and which ones we should avoid. Our skin group depends on the skin groups of our parents. The main rules are: Banaka man marries Boorroongoo woman; children are Barrjarri skin. Banaka woman marries Boorroongoo man; children are Karimba skin. Barrjarri man marries Karimba woman; children are Banaka skin. Karimba man marries Barrjarri woman; children are Boorroongoo skin. 

–banda– [1] verb-birr [2] become nished, go out. Joongkoo yinbandany. The rest went out. [J. Wabi 2010] Morph: joongkoo yin-banda-ny. verb-birr [1] cover up, put out. Kinyani marnin yinbandany joongkoo. That woman smothered the rest. [J. Wabi 2010] Morph: kinya-ni marnin yin-banda-ny joongkoo.

–banda– [2] verb-birr [2] become nished, go out. Joongkoo yinbandany. The re went out. [J. Wabi 2010] Morph: joongkoo yin-banda-ny.

bandarrakoo nominal. Ventilago viminalis. medicine bark. It is known in English as supplejack or ironwood. It is good for eczema, headache and hangovers. 

bandiral nominal. white river paperbark.

bandirr verb-coverb. decorate with hot wire. Marninni bandirr yinandin malbooloo. The woman is decorating the coolamon with hot wire. [J. Wabi 2009] Morph: marnin-ni bandirr yin-andi-n malbooloo. birr: -andi-. 

banoo nominal. east.

banookan adverb. near, in an easterly direction. Morph: banoo-kan.

banookoo adverb. from the east. Morph: banoo-koo.

bangaran nominal. site of former leprosarium north of Derby.

bangarriy nominal. [1] bark. [2] paper.

bangkalyarralyarra nominal. legs apart.

bangkard verb-coverb. crack, be split. Bangkard yimany. It was cracked (e.g. an egg). [J. Wabi 2009] Morph: bangkard yi-ma-ny. birr: -ma- [2]

–bangki– verb-birr [1] see for later use or future reference. Barniyji kardijina yinbangkiny wamba. The man noticed the goanna track (to investigate later). Morph: wamba-ni barniy-ji kardijina yin-bangki-ny.

bangkoowan nominal. something overhanging a river or creek, such as a branch.

bangoorl nominal. hollow log.

bany verb-coverb. shoot. Wambani bany yinman mangkayarra. The man is shooting the bush turkey. [J. Wabi 2009] Morph: wamba-ni bany yin-ma-n mangkayarra. birr: -ma- [1]

banyja nominal. penis.

banyjak nominal. stuck. 

banyjali nominal. Cacatua galerita. Sulphur-crested cockatoo. The sulphur-crested cockatoo is one of the larger and more widespread of Australia’s cockatoos. It is a protected species under the Australian Commonwealth Law. the sulphur-crested cockatoo is similar in appearance to the three species of Corella found in Australia. Corella's are smaller, and lack the prominent yellow crest. [From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.] 

–banyjoo– [1] verb-birr [1.] smell. Joowani minbanyjoona yila mandoo? Did you smell the stinking dog? [J. Wabi 2010] Morph: joowa-ni min-banyjoo-na yila mandoo. 

–banyjoo– [2] verb-birr [2] be smelly. Ngalkoorroo nyimbanyjoon. You stink. (Your body smells dirty). [Stokes 1982, J. Wabi 2010] Morph: ngalkoorroo nyim-banyjoo-n.

bara [1] nominal. uncertain, unaware.

–bara– [2] verb-birr [1] see. Nganbarana wambani nyak yina yila. I saw the man hit the dog. [L. Marshall 2012] Morph: ngan-bara-na wamba-ni nyak y-i-na yila. See: –ba–.